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Help me, evilapprentice! You are my only hope!
I love linen
You once posted a picture by Gerard of the Deposition. Dated 1515-1520. Lady on left in blue in profile -- square-bottomed armscye.

On the copy I have on my hard drive it's impossible to see the seams. Could you send me (or show me) a better copy, please?

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Yes, I'm butting in here...

Does it help that there is discussion of this sleeve cutting method in the medieval volume of Hunnisett? (page 116) She has a strap version that comes up with close to the same shape and draping marks on the shoulder/armseye that you are shooting for.

I found a back view of the gown in question in the V&A, from a tapestry called "The Triumphs of Petrarch." It is V&A Accession No. 440-1883; I suck at getting the right link directly to the object, but the V&A says that this is it:

Note the lady in green in the very center. This is Hunnisett's inspiration.

A few years back I tried the cutting method out once on a dress for marymont's daughter. While she didn't care for the gown, it worked perfectly and got the look of the turn of the century/proto-Tudor gown exactly.

Hmmm... Very interesting. I can't see the detail on the V&A pic very well, but I think I have that copy of Hunnisett. I will definitely check it out.

(No problem "butting in". If I didn't want other people posting, I could have sent a private message to evilapprentice. All input is good!)

You might already have done this, but did you order a high-res copy of the image? Last I checked, it's free to do so and is all online so it doesn't take that long (I've gotten a couple of good images this way)

I didn't know that. I just kinda assumed it would be more than I'd want to pay. Thanks, Medb!

I hadn't thought so either until about a year ago when I stumbled on it accidently. :)

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