September 26th, 2008


[economics] Okay. Listen up!

I'm going to explain this thing to you. And you're going to go out and explain it to everyone you know. And they're going to explain it to everyone THEY know. And then maybe the people who are preventing the solution to this problem will shut the fuck up and let the solution happen before none of us have jobs to pay our taxes with.

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Oh the shame!

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Can we go back to talking about pretty patterns now? Because this economy thing is really upsetting. I'm desperately trying not to think about tomorrow. Or next week. Or 2009...  And in business, you can't do that.  You have to plan. 

Here's a question to get the ball rolling:

If you could choose the next item Reconstructing History offers for sale -- pattern, sewing supply, historical accessory... anything you want -- what would it be?