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sick puppy
I have a sick puppy.

It's Fred. I don't know quite what's wrong. He was sick to his stomach yesterday because he'd been eating grass. This happens every once in a while to all of them. Usually after the sickness passes, he is hungry again. But he just licked his food. Then he was sick again in the evening. He doesn't seem to be in distress or pain. He's not panting. But he is laying next to me (which he never does) so I know he is feeling in need of protection.

This morning when I came downstairs, he was sick again. I took him outside and he did his business. But he wasn't as energetic as normal. I gave him some yogurt with his kibble, which he licked and dug with his nose. But at least he ate some. And he's drinking normally. Now he's laying next to me again. Not panting or fussing. Just laying there.

Fred is a very fussy eater. It doesn't take much to put him off his food, so I'm not too concerned.

Now I'm waiting for Ziggy's to open so I can get him some Pepto. Poor pup.

Well, he's kept the boiled chicken (he didn't touch the rice) for three hours now. He's a little lethargic, but still happy to wag his tail and dash outside when the other pups go out. Just not overly energetic today. I think we'll go see Dr. House tomorrow (the nice one in St. Croix not the mean one on TV) and make sure it's just a passing thing.

Fred redux
I think our Froo-Froo is gonna be okay. He just ate more boiled chicken (again ignoring the rice except to dig in it with his nose, looking for more chicken). He even came over to me after he was finished as if to say, "Yeah, the stuff in that bowl. More please!" I don't want to overfeed him or spoil him (and oh, he has a history of letting people spoil him!) so he's done for the evening. But I'm happy to report that there have been no further incidents.

And I had a salad. =)