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not great news
I apologize that I've been off-line for a while. I've been fine. I went to the doctor and he didn't think I was suffering UC symptoms, and then I got slowly better over the next two weeks. Now I've been completely symptom-free for about a month.

I've been avoiding the internet because things were just aggravating me more often than not. So I spent the time taking care of myself and writing.

But today, we took Melody to the vet for her limp. She looked like she dislocated her shoulder. But she didn't. It's bone cancer. Just like Leo three years ago. We're devastated.

Her lungs look clean, so they're going to amputate and see if they can prevent the spread. One quarter of all greyhounds die of bone cancer, but we're not going down without a fight! And god knows we've dealt with an amputee before when Preston lost his leg in 2009. So we're hoping our old girl (she's 11) has many more good year left. And no more pesky arthritis!

So please, send your best wishes to our Grand Dame, ICU Melody, the original bitch goddess, on Thursday morning when she goes under the knife at Island Animal Hospital.

(Just when I convinced myself that I was over-reacting when I treated every limp like a major concern...)