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Surgery day
Melody is at the vet's office now. We dropped her off at 8am as the staff were arriving. Theresa the receptionist is so good at making every animal that walks in the door feel like her special friend. She's wonderful. The whole staff at Island Animal is really wonderful

Here is a photo of the offender:

This literally wasn't there last week, so we hope we've caught it early enough to matter.

While we were milling about, Dr. House came in and spoke to us. He looked appropriately somber, which isn't his usual way. No one wants to do an amputation. I told him that my greatest fear is that she'd be full of cancer and they wouldn't be able to get it all. But he told me there wasn't any chance of that yet. Yes, osterosarcoma is a very aggressive cancer and she may have it in other sites that we don't know about. But in her leg, he's sure he can remove it all. And we're going to hope that that means that'll see her through for the next few years and she can die of old age in her sleep at a ripe old 16.

Melody has been walking down onto our rocky beach and putting her toes in the sea, so we decided to take her to a sandy beach yesterday and see if she would go in any deeper. I played photographer while Bob walked with the Empress:


Clearly getting just her toes wet was enough for the Mei-mei, although she did have a jog with her master for a little bit.

She was in some pain from the poking and prodding at the vet's on Tuesday so we packed up and drove home (this beach is only about one or two miles down the road) and there were bellyrubs for the rest of the afternoon.

Her surgery is at 1pm. We get to go visit her at 5pm although she will be staying overnight tonite. I'm sure she's going to spend the morning bending the staff of Island Vet to her will and making them rub her belly without end.

All your good cancer-killing energies are appreciated. =)

She's awake!
Melody is out of the anesthesia. We're going to visit her shortly. The office said the surgery went well and they're sending a sample off to be biopsied. It would be really lovely if it wasn't osteosarcoma after all because then we don't have to worry about it recurring. But I'll take a healthy Mellie any way I can get her.

Thanks for all your continued support. I'll keep updating. She comes home tomorrow.