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Mellie Update
Eating happened on Sunday afternoon. We'd tried everything and she just wasn't interested. And then around 2:30pm, I heard a ruckus coming from Bob's office. Melody had knocked over the plastic bowl that Bob put some chicken in, and because of her bruised neck, she couldn't get to the bits that fell on the floor. So I picked them up and fed them to her. And she licked the bowl clean. So then I decided to try some kibble -- just a handful. And she ate that. Then I gave her another handful of chicken. And she ate that. Then more kibble which she refused. She ate again at 7pm with the boys, but she only ate the kibble she had to eat to get at the chicken underneath.

Last night was her last dose of Tramadol, the big drug that makes her loopy. Every morning she's been waking up at 4am and displaying real pain symptoms. Then she gets dosed at 6am. Same thing in the evening. Pain starts at 4pm and then drugs happen at 6pm. Well, I expected to hear her this morning, but she let us all sleep in. And when I came down at 6am, she was resting comfortably and almost looked like her old self. So we took her out to do her business, separate from the boy dogs. She wants to come in the living room door and have everything be normal again. But I'm not subjecting her to that rugby scrum yet because the boys just have no sense of personal space.

Her foreleg is still swollen (calling the vet about that this morning) but her wound is looking much less inflamed already. She's got a lot of drainage happening, but it's much less bad than Preston's ordeal.

So far, so good.

And here is your Monday morning dose of cute: