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Ready for a Rant?
I know!  I know!  I'm back on LJ for one day, and already I've got a rant.

Well, if you expected anything different from kass_rants, you really didn't pay attention to the name on the door when you came in, didja? ;)

Today's rant is about Facebook messages.

Ah... Facebook.  So easy a target.  So cheap for me to aim at you.

But today, my rant is not about anything that's Facebook's fault.

It's Facebook's users'.

From time to time, people on Facebook message me to ask questions about RH patterns.  This would be all fine and dandy if they messaged me on the Reconstructing History Facebook page.

But they don't. They message Kass McGann.

*rolls eyes*

Yeah, I guess there's a way to disable messages on FB. But I don't want to! I want my friends to be able to message me!

I've had to disable chat already.  Too many people think you want to talk just because you appear to be online.  But when I'm "online", I'm usually in another window working and I really don't need annoying pop-ups pinging at me when I'm trying to concentrate.  I also hate when the phone rings and I'm not expecting it.  I think it's the suddenness of the thing.  The immediate demand it implies.  It aggravates me.  Email is my godsend.  Email me and I won't feel pressured to get back to you (although I'll likely answer you within the hour).  But chat or the phone just annoys me.

Anyway... back to the rant at hand:

This morning, I got an order and the customer message said, "I'll be messaging you on FB for help."

Um...  We have a help phone line.  And we have a help email address.  Messaging me on FB is just going to make me angry because you're not respecting the line I put between my work self and my leisure self.

You guys who've been reading my LJ for a while KNOW how long it took me to put that line between my work life and my leisure life.  It was important.  I don't want to remove it.  Not for anyone.

I had this one guy who would message me on FB and ask me questions about patterns that were pretty clearly answered on the product pages.  He'd ask me question after question and I'd patiently answer them.  Then he'd say he was ready to buy and try to negotiate a discount for himself.  A discount?!  When I just spent hours giving him special treatment?!  And then he wanted to pay in a way that wasn't supported by the website.  "But we're friends!" he'd say.  "But I've never met you," I'd remind him.  In the end, he never bought anything although he pulled this stunt multiple times.  All he did was waste hours of my time in FB messages.

I just want my customers to realise that I am not at work 24/7. And more importantly, I use Facebook as a brief break from my work. So when you see me on Facebook, it is a sign that I am emphatically not at work at that moment.

I know my work is different from most people's.  I know it's hard to understand how something that is leisure for you is work for me.  Or just because I love my job I still don't want to do it all the time.

So if this person messages me on FB, I will very politely direct her to our help phone number and email address.
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