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Frustrations and good things
Well, got on the scale the morning with verve.  I noticed my clothes fitting more loosely this weekend.  Even my pyjama bottoms that were already big are now so big I have to do the "holdin' up da pants" things like da kids deez dayz.  ;)  So I expected a move on the scale.  And there was!

...A move UP .5 lbs.


BUT, I have decided that the frickin' scale is a frickin' liar and have decided not to weigh myself again for a month.  Fuck it.  I know I'm slimming down.

Saturday was Oktoberfest at Ziggy's.  Bob and I promised to only have a couple beers and go home early, but that's not how it turned out.  First we spent time with his radio club people.  Then we met our vet and hung out with them.  Then the band started playing polkas and somehow Bob and I had the energy to do this.  So we got a bunch of our friends polka-ing.  There's video somewhere.  Two people were videoing.  Don't know if it'll ever surface though.

After the band stopped, they put on someone's Pandora from the mid-80s.  Now you all know I'm a post-punk new waver.  But when we went out dancing in the 80s, the music we danced to wasn't the new wave stuff because no one played that.  So I danced to Prince and Shiela E and assorted artists whose names I don't even remember now.  It was fun and I went home with my T-shirt still soaked through with sweat around midnight.

Spent my birthday on the couch.  I'd sweated out most of my alcohol so I didn't get hungover, but I was *tired*.  Bob was wrecked, though.  But I didn't have the energy to do anything anyway.  We thought maybe we'd go snorkeling but we didn't.

This morning, I'm still sore from dancing -- which just shows you how much I really danced!  And police or the ambulance or fire truck or something woke me up at 4am and I never really got back to sleep.  So no walking or yoga this morning.  Just coffee.

One of these days, though, one of my birthday plans are actually going to make it out of the planning stage.  Why the hell did I pick a profession whose worst revenue month is October?!  *sigh*  Ah well...

In other news, I'm frustrated by Irish.  Not the grammar or the vocabulary or even the pronunciation.  I'm frustrated by the lack of opportunity to speak it.  On italki.com, there are plenty of people who say they want to speak Irish on Skype, but I've messaged about ten of them -- two of those teachers -- and I've only had one response.  (Guy in Italy's internet connection is being flaky but when it's fixed, we'll have a chat.)  Even the Irish teacher I scheduled a lesson with on my birthday BLEW ME OFF!

So I'm frustrated as hell.


I'm trying to attack the problem positively and not give up.

Number one, I've been watching Ros na Rún (an Irish soap opera) and Aifric (an Irish show for teenagers) on TG4.  There are 8-12 - 25 minute episodes available at any one time.  So on Saturday, I watched around five hours of Ros na Rún.  My comprehension was definitely higher by the end of the day.

There are new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.  So hopefully I'll be able to watch new ones before I know all these by heart.

I wish there were more programmes to watch.  There are, but they're all kids' shows.  And really, not even the Irish language is going to convince me to watch Dora the Explorer.

Here's a funny promo from Ros na Rún with a cameo of someone familiar to you all:

FYI: his Irish is ridiculous.  But it's supposed to be.  It's a riot!

Number two, I contacted my usual Irish teacher and asked him if we could have a Skype call M-F rather than just once a week.  He said he'd be happy to do this, at least for the short term.  And my hope is that before he stops having the time available, I will find other Irish speakers to talk to.

Talking to my Irish teacher isn't the best.  He's an American and not a native speaker at all.  He's also got a strange accent.  Last week on Skype, I found talking to the guy from Tir Eoghan so much easier because he spoke the Ulster dialect.  I sometimes don't understand my teacher until he writes a word in IM because his pronunciation is so different.  But this is all about getting *me* talking, so his pronunciation should have very little to do with it ar fad.

Unfortunately his phone crapped out on him so we have to reschedule this week's lesson.  But starting next week, I should be getting some good practice every weekday at least.

So, I'm giving it my all.  Not giving up.  It's been my life's ambition to speak Irish and I'm not going to let little roadblocks stop me.  I bet a lot of the Irish speakers will turn up on Skype once the weather gets colder.  And I'm putting out feelers everywhere I can.  (If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.)