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The Week Gone By
Well, I haven't done anything that could be described as "working out" this week -- no walking, no swimming, no TRX.  Not that I didn't want to.  I just kinda got to the end of the week and realised I hadn't.  Oh well.  No self-recriminations!

This week has been one focused on website building.  I've been working very hard on http://createyourdreamjob.com You can follow the link if you want, but everything is behind a "curtain" until launch on November 6th.  So bookmark it and please come back.  There's also a Facebook page and a Twitter feed (also not live) but I'll be posting to them ahead of launch.

Got kind of a cool boost yesterday.  I wrote to some big names to ask for quotes for my new blog, and one of the big guys, Chris Guillebeau, wrote back with a quote and some very encouraging words.  Chris writes The Art of Non-Conformity and from the first line, he had me hooked. I've been singing this song since... well... since I've been singing songs!  Chris is a big proponent of living life on your own terms.  So of all the people I wrote to for quotes, that Chris Guillebeau was the first one to write back was pretty special.

Downloadable patterns are leaving Bob with a lot of free time.  But that's fine because it's ham radio contest season.  Contests are on the weekends anyway, so it's not like contesting ever really took time away from RH, but this kind of "self-serve" thing that's going on is wonderful.

Weather is getting nice again here.  It was 75F this morning and I turned off the ceiling fans because I was actually chilly.  There's a nice breeze right now at 7:40 am and I'm hoping it sticks around all day.  It'll probably still get into the low 90s by noon, but right now it's nice.  And that is wonderful.