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A New Week
Ate like crap all week.  Also felt like crap.  Gee...  Ya think these things actually have something to do with each other?  *sigh*

Also didn't exercise.  Didn't swim.  Didn't walk.  Didn't even do yoga.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Did I mention the weather mostly sucks?  Yeah.  It's hot and still.  This is the time of year we just keep on keepin' on and pray for the Christmas Winds to come early.

(Still, no arthritis and no allergies and no freezing rain.  I'll take it!)

HOWEVER... I have been making serious progress on the new site, http://createyourdreamjob.com/.  It's still not live, but I'm on Twitter and Facebook and you can follow me there. The website will launch on November 6th.

Just let me take a moment to explain what this new website is NOT about:

  • It's not about you paying me a lot of money to tell you how to create your dream job. (My advice is free.)

  • It's not about me rah-rah-ing about how easy it is to work for yourself and how everyone can do it. (It ain't easy and it's not for everyone.)

  • It's not about how if you do work you love, you'll never "work" a day in your life. (Somedays, it is most definitely "work".)

BUT... it IS about telling you how I did it, what you need to do if you want to work for yourself, and how to get over your fears, reservations, and obstacles.

If you think you'd enjoy this, please "like" the Facebook page and share it with your friends or follow me on Twitter. And get ready for the launch of CreateYourDreamJob.com on November 6th!

Commercial ends...  =)

In other news, I have taken the big leap and scheduled an Irish conversation on Skype at noon every day this week.  It's all with the same person, so I won't be getting the variety of exposure I would prefer.  But it's better than nothing.

I'll probably blither about it here, but if you want the in-depth blow-by-blow language-learning story, that will be on http://serialpolyglot.com/ (and https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Serial-Polyglot/724567614226953 and https://twitter.com/serialpolyglot)

I have been watching episodes of Ros na Rún (Irish soap opera) and Aifric (Irish show for teenagers) on TG4 until I can practically recite them from memory.  It's not helping my conversational ability, but I think my comprehension has increased.  And my vocabulary is surely growing.  I wish TG4 had more shows I could watch that weren't kids shows or the news though.

Trying to post on my new page on Facebook and Facebook is being idiotic this morning.  Very annoyed.

Ah well.  It's a Monday.

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