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Magagna Genealogy
It's taken me decades to figure out which one of my Irish ancestors actually first came to the US on a boat.  But my Tyrolean ancestry is a little bit easier.  My auntie just popped over to Revò in Trentino alto Adige in Italy and had a look at the picture on the wall in the house where my grandfather was born.  =)
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Now why d'you wanna go and make me mad...
Welp, ran into a major roadblock in the development of CreateYourDreamJob.com last night.  There was this really nice course on blogging that I wanted to promote and frankly, I was building the website around promoting this course as an affiliate.  Well, last night the guy who runs the course announced that he's not selling it through affiliates anymore and basically we can all go pound sand.

Nice, huh?

Think of all the affiliates who were making their income from selling his course.  They basically just had their warehouse shut down.  It would be like if Reconstructing History told all its wholesale customers we're not selling wholesale anymore.  All those people who make their livings from selling RH patterns would suddenly have no income.


The thing I don't get is that he's going to lose a significant portion of his income too.  If RH stopped selling wholesale, our income would drop by 1/3 to 1/2.  We really could not survive without wholesale customers.  I don't know how this guy is going to do it.

And it makes me angry.  Yesterday you could sell the course.  Today, that switch has been flipped.  No notice.  He sent out the email after it was a done deal.

But you know what?  I am at my best when I'm good and angry!

I wrote my first article on historical clothing because someone pissed me off (The Evolution of the Kilt).  I started studying the Shinrone Gown because someone told me that's not what Irish people wore.  Hell, I started making patterns because someone told me I couldn't make money at it!

Yeah.  Anger is a motivator.  And I'm motivated.

So now I have some serious work ahead of me.  Instead of writing posts for other blogs, my attention is going to turn to writing my own course on how to build a business online or an ebook on how I started RH and made it successful.  Maybe both.  Definitely both eventually.  I don't know what I'll have ready for the end of this month.

But I'm not going to sit here and cry.  One of the first things you learn in business is that plans never survive reality.  You have to be able to react to what's happening in the moment — shift and change and grow or shrink as required to stay on top of things.  You have to be able to change horses in mid-stream.  You have to be able to take a left turn and make it the best left turn of your life.

I'm really glad I changed the launch date of CYDJ.com from 6 Nov to 26 Nov!
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