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Having a bad day...
The website is down.  I'm not getting any email from my reconstructinghistory.com addresses and I can't log into the backend of the website.  I can't get to the FTP.  I can't access anything.

And of course my website people aren't answering...

I'm furious.  We've had problems with these people since the website redesign in 2011.  But the one thing we could count on was that the server wouldn't go down.  We're paying for a cloud, so technically every server in the cloud would all have to go down at once for us to have an interruption in service.  I pay a whole lot more for hosting with these guys that I would pay elsewhere and that's why I pay the money.

But I also don't trust them.  They've lied to me and oversold me so many times that I'm not even sure I'm paying for a cloud server anymore.  And since the website is down, that gives the lie to that idea.

We haven't been having the greatest year financially.  We've been dealing with rumours of our demise and a nervous customer base who isn't having a good year financially either.  Having the website be "off" hurts.  It hurts bad.  And the last months of the year are typically our worst sales months.  This is not good timing.

And transferring the site to another host is going to take time.  It's a pain in the ass.  And it means the site will be down for 24-48 hours while the new site repopulates.  There's no way around that.

I'm tired.  I'm trying to work on the launch for CreateYourDreamJob.com.  I'm trying to promote SerialPolyglot.com.  I'm trying to write my novels.  I'm trying to hold RH together.  And frankly all I want to do today is watch the Miss Fisher Mysteries on Netflix and covet her hats.  (You know, this morning's post was going to be all about hats and 1920s style and what I could actually wear in the Caribbean and... well, fuck.)

Well, if I have no money for food, I guess I'll lose weight.  :/

EDT at 8:46 am AST: Website's back up!  =)

ETA at 9:24 am AST:  ...and getting orders.  Maybe I should quit whining and get to work!

Having a better day
It's amazing what a website coming back online on its own will do for your mood.  =)

And I found a new web host.  I've been using them since July to host my new blogs, but I didn't want to transfer RH because of all the fuss.  Well, they've been so responsive and helpful with my little blogs that I decided to ask them about the pros and cons of transferring my 2.5 GB behemoth over.  Turns out they'll do the transfer for free and there will be no downtime either.  So all my worries are allayed.

AND it's half the monthly fee I'm paying now to people who are wholly unhelpful  (cheaper still if I paid biannually)!

So that problem is solved.  Goodbye Mosaic Interactive.  You suck.  Hello Arvixe!

I'm working on a post about vintage clothing in the tropics.  Will let you know!