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"They're are no bad days...."
"...only bad moments.  Make the next moment a good one," said the waitress at the breakfast place who is wise beyond her years as she put my sausage gravy and biscuits down in front of me with a joyous butt wiggle.

We had to borrow money to go out to breakfast this morning just to have a couple hours away, and the uplift I got from this tiny little waitress was well worth it.  =)

Bad times are like the weather here.  Wait 10 minutes and it'll change.  Gotta remember that.

Anyway, I screwed up royally last night.  You may notice that the front of the website is up, but it doesn't go to any products.  Silly me didn't check that all the folders were on the same server.  I mean, they usually are.  Usually when you have an account hosted somewhere and you ask for access to that account, you get access to all your files.  But for some reason, our annoying hosting company put the shopping cart files on a different server than the blog and front page files.  So when I gave the info to the new hosting provider, they transferred over only the front page/blog files.  They had no way of knowing the shopping cart files even existed because they couldn't see them.

Of course I realised this at 9pm last night, long after my current crappy hosting provider went home.  My wonderful new hosting company was still there.  But they couldn't do anything without the login info that I didn't have.  So it had to wait until 10am this morning to get that.  Really 10:30am by the time crappy web host decided to answer the phone.

Really, it's not entirely my fault because who knew they put half the website somewhere else.

And now, of course, the domain is pointing to the new IP address and [jargon, jargon, jargon]... I'm probably going to have to call the GoDaddy and have them revert to the info from 24 hours ago and start all over again.

So... my website is up.  But no one can buy anything.  And.. wow.  Didn't need this right now.

But... no way out but through.  And once this is resolved, I'll have a new website host who won't screw me around anymore.