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Day off
When you work from home, the biggest problem is that you're always at work.  I've been doing this exclusively since 2007 and I'm still not good at drawing the line between work and off-hours.  If I'm online, I'm working.  And I'm always online.

The past couple of days with website issues have been trying.  And those issues will continue until the website gets completely transferred to the new host.  That means I'll be able to breathe again sometime next Wednesday.  Bob and I are going to take two days off then and not turn on the computers for 48 hours.

I can almost not bear to look at the website right now.  Looking will not help.  I have things to do for the new sites and I don't want to deal with any of it today.  I'm behind schedule because of all the RH website nonsense.  If I see another string of code this weekend, I will commit blue murder.

So I'm going to go snorkeling this afternoon.  I haven't been since September, and the sea has been so stirred up on this side of the island lately that I haven't even been swimming.  So I'm going to take myself over to Jack's or Issac's Bay and step into the blue.

But now, I'm going to shut this off and go read a book.