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RH Website Maintence
Website Maintenance
Is Coming
If you have trouble getting to our website for the next couple days, it's because we're making it better!

Please order now, ring 1-340-201-6579 or email bobnq3x@gmail.com - we'll get back to you ASAP.
Get your orders in now!
We appreciate your understanding!
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My Remembrance Day plans
So while I'm waiting for the website to transfer to the new IP address tomorrow, and the post office and banks are closed anyway, I think I'm going to do some fiction writing.

I haven't done any fiction writing since I started working on CreateYourDreamJob.com and SerialPolyglot.com.  That's a shame, but for some reason, I'm either in fiction mode or non-fiction mode.  I can't see to quite do both at once.  And I really can't even think about stories while I'm working on website design.  It just breaks my brain.

But over this weekend while I was staying away from the computer, I was reminded of the story I call "Kit".  So I dug up my notes and I really like where it's going.  It's funny and the plot is fairly solid.  I only have 3,333 words written, but all the main plot points are outlined, so I know where the story needs to go next.  And I have some excellent notes of things I want to happen.  I've actually been holding myself back since yesterday so that I wake up with that feeling of anticipation tomorrow morning.

And since I need something to distract me from the website repopulating and all the nervous tension that comes with these kinds of things, I think it'll be a good day not to turn on the internet and just write.