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(no subject)
Walked 40 minutes this morning.  Slowly.  But still walked for the first time since Friday.  We took a little detour and met some nice doggies, all of whom were very happy to see us.  I'm feeling a little shaky now, but not bad.

There is a dead mouse in the kitchen and we can't locate it.  I hate that.  Thankfully we live life with the windows and doors wide open.

I haven't watched TG4 or anything in Irish in well over a week.  I'm being very lazy.  Frankly, this month has been rough financially and I almost gave up on my plans to go to Ireland this summer.  But things are looking up.  And when I stop eating grains, I get less depressed and hopeless (surprise, surprise!).

Still taking it easy today.  But working on CYDJ.com in the periphery.