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short post because I want to keep writing
1013 words on "Kit" this morning before 9am my time.  Yay!

A little break to listen to an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage and then I'm back at it.

Kit has broken the 5000 mark now (5189) and Gia is at 8099.  I'll probably work on Gia this morning and get it over 10,000 today.  I've been thinking about Gia a lot since she's a physicist and I've been watching a lot of Professor Brian Cox's shows on YouTube lately.

Okay.  More later.

Also http://createyourdreamjob.com launched today.  Please go check it out.  And pass it around.  Tell your friends.  Post the articles other places.  Thanks!

Confession time
Oh the shame!
Okay.  So at University, I failed Calculus.  I was an engineering student in my first semester and I blew it.  It's not that I didn't study.  I did.  But sometimes I didn't even know how to start the problems.  Most of my class failed calculus because our professor refused to grade on a curve.  Later I found out that he was giving us tests from Calc 3 that we shouldn't have been able to do, and later he was fired.  But I went through a terrible period where I believed I was stupid because I couldn't understand Calculus.

The weird thing is that I took Calculus in high school.  Now, understand that the calc I learned in high school was surpassed in the first month of my college Calc for Engineers class.  But still, I had been able to do it.  And then suddenly I wasn't.  Now it's obvious that it was the prof playing silly buggers with my class.  Nevertheless, since then I've feel particularly un-intelligent because I failed Calculus.

A couple times in my life, I'd had the idea of taking a Calculus class at a local university just to prove that I could do it.  But I am a snob and if it's not calc for engineers, I'm not going to feel it was as difficult as the class I failed.  I had a friend who was a high school math teacher fresh from her degree program and she was going to teach me calc, but then I moved and she got married and had kids and blah blah blah.

Recently, as I may have mentioned, I've been listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage with Professor Brian Cox (Phys, U. Manchester) and in a weird way it's making me long for calculus.

So I went on the UVI website.  Their website is confusing and partially broken.  I can't figure out if a non-matriculated student can even take a single math class.  I also can't tell from their description if Intro to Calculus and Analytical Geometry is really a calculus class or one of those pre-calc things that non-engineering students take.  They don't have any higher Calc classes (like Calc 3 or Differential Equations) which makes me think they don't really teach calculus at all.

And then I did a web search and found this: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/

Calculus at MIT!  Now I cannot possibly argue that that wouldn't be as challenging as my university calc class!

I think this is the course made for me: http://ocw.mit.edu/resources/res-18-006-calculus-revisited-single-variable-calculus-fall-2010/ And I quote:  "Calculus Revisited is a series of videos and related resources that covers the materials normally found in a freshman-level introductory calculus course. The series was first released in 1970 as a way for people to review the essentials of calculus. It is equally valuable for students who are learning calculus for the first time."


You know, I'm really weird.  Who does calculus for the fun of it?