December 3rd, 2013


health stuff

I've been having some serious thoughts on health lately.

When I moved to St. Croix, there was an unexpected effect. I expected that my arthritis and joint pain would get less since it got worse every winter in the cold in PA and there is no cold here. But what I didn't expect is that it would all completely vanish. I mean GONE. I mean even those bits that hurt because I overdid something don't hurt anymore, even when I overdo things. Yeah, I still get muscle soreness if I workout too hard. But I don't get the IT band tightness pulling on my knee, my shoulder doesn't act up when I type for too long without a break, et cetera.

It's really quite wonderful. Makes me almost afraid to visit somewhere where the temp gets below 75F (even though I really prefer a climate about 10 degrees F cooler than here).

Anyway, since I was sick for the Regatta a couple weeks ago, I've been having tummy issues. And unfortunately, when I don't feel good, I crave my comfort foods. And guess what -- my comfort foods make me worse. So I'm eating toast and pasta and my belly has given me various degrees of distress since mid-November.

Well... I think I'm finally sick of it. I think I'm finally going to make a commitment to eating right all the time. I think I'm finally prepared to admit that my comfort foods make me hurt more.

I probably eat less bad food than most people. I haven't drunk soda for years. I avoid processed food like it's poison. I don't buy anything in a box, bag, can, or bottle that has non-food names in the ingredients. I haven't been to any kind of fast food restaurant in over a year. I don't have a sweet tooth. I don't like cake and cookies.

But chocolate ice cream. Oh boy! That's hard. Especially when it's organic, fair trade, and made with agave syrup.

And it's too easy to get a pizza from Castaways a mile away. I don't really like pizza. Never really did. But if you forget to thaw some chicken for dinner, it's easy and relatively cheap. And it never fails to make my guts hurt the next day. But at the time I order one, I don't ever remember that.

And when my tummy hurts, I don't go swimming. I don't go sailing. I just sit on the couch. =(

Castaways does an amazing mahi wrap that it always so tasty I ask myself why I don't get those more often. I just need to avoid the seasoned fries.

I moved to St. Croix for my health. I've become more healthy in a lot of ways in the past year. Now it's time to take on my interior health.