December 8th, 2013


More Melody

I'm still worrying about Melody. And I'm not really sure why.

Well... I am. She's not acting completely normal. And it frightens me. She's clearly got something wrong with her left back leg. When she squats to pee, she totters on it and repositions it. When she gets off the couch, she favours it. And when she stands, she tries not to put equal weight on it.

The pills are helping. We give her one before dinner so that she'll sleep through the night. They don't knock her out. They're NSAIDs, not narcotics. But she clearly gets relief from them. She eats her dinner and then is quiet all evening and through to the morning.

In the morning, when I come downstairs, she's either laying on her couch, awake or standing on the couch, in the process of jumping down. Then she goes outside and explores. When she's not feeling well, she goes out and comes right back in. But she isn't doing that. She's going around the house and she won't be convinced to do otherwise, not even in the rainstorm this morning.

In the afternoon, around 2pm, however, she gets bitchy. And rammy. Yesterday she started yelling at me and wouldn't stop. Then she'd get up, come over to me, and go to the door. So I'd let her out. Then she'd go out and come right back in. She did this six times in a row at one point. And I'm here with a migraine and just wanted to lay on the couch and die. But she wanted to go out and do nothing. She wouldn't settle.

Greyhounds are like this. I remember when Preston hurt his back and the best thing for him was to lay down and rest and he absolutely wouldn't. You'd have to wait for him to exhaust himself and then he'd stand there and shake and you'd have to guide him to the floor and hope he stayed there. He used to make me nuts! But after a few days, he started to heal and then he didn't do it anymore. I think greyhounds have an innate fear of laying down when they are injured for fear they won't get up again or something. They are just completely stupid about it.

Also this pill does make her drink more and urinate more. I started to worry about kidney disease or diabetes, and then I read the side effects. She isn't having accidents. And sometimes she goes out and does nothing. She just doesn't want to stop moving for some reason. Bob thinks it must ache when she lays around but it feels better to move. Well, I've had injuries like that too I guess. But I know when to rest. And I can medicate myself. I guess we're just guessing here.

But then she settled down around 5:30 pm and got her pill at 6:30 and dinner at 7pm and was quiet all night.

She's really gotten skinny because she's not eating enough for how much she's moving. She's not not eating, but she's not finishing her meals. So we're putting lean ground beef in her food now and she's licking the bowl clean. So that's good. She's reminding us of Sebastian when he got skinny the year before he died. But I've been reminding Bob of a big difference: Sebastian had persistent diarrhea for like a year. He didn't just get skinny. And his leg weakness came on over the course of the entire time we had him (seven years!). He always had weak back legs and they just got worse and worse. Melody had an injury. I saw her hurt herself. She went from fine to owwie. It's not some sneaky disease. She hurt her leg. (Of course it could be cancer anyway, and that's the worry.)

This morning, she is still favouring that back leg, but she's still running outside and then coming in and resting comfortably.

I really really hope she stays quiet this afternoon. I have a terrible headache and I didn't sleep because of really bad windstorms. I want her to be comfortable, but I know if I give her a pill earlier in the afternoon, she'll wake up at 3am and start yipping for me.

So... maybe it's me who needs the pity today. I'm starting to convince myself that Melody is fine.