December 10th, 2013


Feeling better, sleeping well, so... weird dreams!

Ì have not remembered a dream in so long that I have started to doubt I dream anymore. Which is of course ridiculous. But a few hours before bedtime last night, my four-day migraine abated and the windstorm also held back and Melody cooperated. So I felt better and slept soundly.

In my dream, I was looking for a job after a long time being out of the workforce. (I know this comes from my efforts to become a novelist and the life transition I've been going through as a result.) Of course in the dream I had to deal with the fact that I hadn't worked in an office in sometime and a lot of things had changed. One of the big things was resumes. Apparently it had become de rigeur to print your resume in colourful flocked letters, a different colour for each copy. Although I thought this was stupid and made it harder to read, I did it anyway. Of course I did. Resumes not done like this weren't getting selected.

(This comes from my intense dislike of the trend in website design. It seems the cutting-edge designers are designing sites where the screens lie vertically, so you scroll down instead of page through. I suspect this looks really great on phones and tablets, which I do not use. It is confusing as hell on a laptop. And I hate it. And if I had to design a new site, I wouldn't do it that way. And that probably would mean people wouldn't come to my site.)

So I was at Wyeth-Ayerst in St. Davids, PA, where I used to work, trying to talk my way past the receptionist who wasn't having it. I talked her into taking my resumes to a few people I used to work with, but I stumbled over their names, so she didn't believe I really knew them. But just when all was lost and she was going to ask me to leave, I managed to chase her down a hallway and push a resume into her hands and told her to give it to a doctor I remembered and he remembered me and she nodded and let me into his office.

(I have gained many things in my life by not giving up and doing something spectacular at the last minute to save the day.)

Woke up this morning with this post on my mind as well as some scenes for "Diva". So I'm going to get to that now. Melody is quiet. Maybe her pain has abated as well. Jeez, I hope so.