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Preston Update and Kass Army Appeal

The Update or Our Harrowing Monday Evening
Well... Things seemed fine yesterday evening until 6:30 when we took him out to "go". And then he peed brown. NOT good. He also got himself all agitated when he got back inside the house -- pacing and quivering and he wouldn't lay down. So Bob physically picked him up and I swept his legs out from under him. When he was down, he relaxed, but he was panting to beat all. So I had Bob dip some towels in cool water and I placed them on him. I also squeezes a wet washcloth into his mouth like they do to men in the desert. He rolled over on his back ("cockroaching" we call it) and made sure I didn't miss his belly. Such a good boy. Then Bob called the vet.

They told us to drive him over immediately for a urine test. They said they wouldn't go home until we got there. Alburtis Animal Clinic is peopled with awesome folks!

Long story short: his fever was going up and his leg was swelling more and more. So they sent us to the emergency clinic (where he has an appointment with the surgeon this morning anyway) and we admitted him. Dr. Singh was his physician. He is a very caring man and he explained that the primary mission was to get his fever down.

They bathed him in ice water and his fever went up. Then they gave him chilled IV fluids and he started to come down slowly and safely. He got IV antibiotics too and pain killers. Through it all, he's been an absolute angel. The staff at the clinic loves him.

As of 8:00 am this morning, his fever was under control.

The problem now is that his leg is still huge. They've tried massaging it and "milking" it, but it's still full of goo (the vet tech assures me this is a technical term). He's now been transferred to the surgeon who will make his assessment and call me shortly. I will keep you updated.

The Appeal
Kass Army, I need your help. As you know, Preston is not our dog. We're fostering him for our greyhound group, First State Greyhound Rescue. As such, First State foots all his medical bills. But these kind people are bankrupting themselves to pay for Preston's extraordinary medical expenses. His medical bills number in the thousands. Many vets and technicians have donated their time to help him, but they cannot waive all his expenses. Preston needs your help if you can give it.

I know economic times are tough. But if you could spare $5, $10, $20, anything, please donate to First State in Preston's name. Please use the button below and put "for Preston" in the comments. I will send every last cent to First State on your behalf. I'll even cover the PayPal fees. I'll even match contributions as much as I am able.

If you'd like to send a check, your donation can be made payable to First State Greyhound Rescue, Inc., and mailed to PO Box 67, Blandon, PA 19510. Just put "for Preston" on a note with the check. Or you may donate to the general fund, of course!

Preston says: "Don't turn your back on me!"


and best of luck to the poor little man!!

You are awesome. Thank you thank you thank you!

I have posted a link to your post and will be sending a donation when I find my pocketbook. Again. Healing thoughts are sent your way.

Thanks. That helps a lot!

Done and since I forgot to identify myself on the payment ... desyana=Breck .. :>

Yes, "goo" is a technical term. So is "icky stuff" :)

I am absolutely flat broke. Had to pay out for Teh Collidge St00dint to get into a couple of classes before his st00dint loan munnies came through. Will donate Friday cos it will be meagre pittance pay day.

Whenever you can help, however you can help, it's never too late. Thank you, Hugh.

We are pretty broke from the move (and renting two houses at once), but I gave a little. Hope it helps.

Every little bit helps. Thank you!

Poor Preston. Donation made! I hope they're able to save his leg!

Boosted the signal on my lj- hoping it'll help.

(Deleted comment)
You're sweet! Thank you.

Done! Poor baby and hugs to both of you for your kindness. Hope he turns the corner soon.

Thank you, Kel. Thank you so much.

Hey honey, I just posted a small donation under my e-mail address. I didn't see anywhere to note that this was for Preston, but since you aren't getting an order from me right now I think you'll know it's from a greyhound lover...


I understood what you meant, sweetie. Thanks. =)

Donation made. Wishing poor Preston all the best.

Donated! Though I forgot to put "for Preston" in the comments.

Kristin Moran/SnarlingBadger

Also posted to Facebook.

That's okay. I understood who it was for.

I donated $ 5.
Sorry I didn't donate more, that's all I can spare right now I'm afraid.


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