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Melody hurt one of her back legs a few weeks ago when jumping down from the couch. Since she only has one front leg, this makes it impossible for her to avoid using the back leg, and therefore it's giving her some pain. Add that to the typical greyhound insistence on doing exactly the wrong thing for an injury (pacing back and forth over and over again instead of resting), and you can see where this is going. And then it's been (relatively) cold and rainy for the past week or so, so she's probably achey too.

I don't want it to be her cancer coming back. And since I can put my finger on the moment it happened and she was moving fine before that point and then the soreness came on suddenly, I'm pretty sure it is all an injury. But you know my history of dogs who limp.

Bob was driving past the vet's today, so he stopped in to talk to Dr. House. Dr. House thinks Melody just needs to stop aggravating it so she can heal, so he prescribed her Deramaxx which is an NSAID for dogs. So it won't make her dopey. She's resting comfortably now, just like all the hounds usually do at this time of day.

But I worry about her, of course. It's been six months since her surgery and she's been so lively and active. It's hard to see her limping around.

However, she's eating and drinking normally and asking to go out and yelling at me whenever I don't anticipate her every whim. So I'm really hoping she'd just pulled a muscle and a little rest (and drier weather) will fix her right up.

But yeah... I'm so distracted by my worry for her that I'm not doing much else. It's hard to concentrate when she's in the same room, fussing and refusing to lay down or yelling at me.

Good anti-cancer thoughts will be appreciated.

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Ugh, poor Mellie! (And poor you. Worrying is no fun.)

Here's hoping she can keep off her feet for a bit.

So far she's been laying on the couch for hours. She sat up to have her food bowl held under her face by Bob (so spoiled!). That she ate most of her dinner is a very good sign.

Poor Mei-Mei. It *is* probably just an injury, but I can sympathize with how you feel after her cancer earlier this year. I'd be worried and jumping to the worst conclusion, too. But let's just hope it's soreness and she'll be a-okay.

I am hoping. And with all the rain we're having, it makes sense that it's really aching. She's not lost her appetite, which she does at the drop of a hat. And she's bitching at me for everything, which she doesn't do when she's in real pain. So I'm hopeful.

Although the bitching at me is driving me a little nutty. ;)

Is she doing any better today?

The Deramaxx really worked yesterday. She slept really well all evening and then when she needed to go out, she was practically sprightly. But it wore off around 1am and she started bitching. We've decided not to give her another until dinnertime because she can only have one a day, and it's more important that she lets us sleep through the night.

It's funny. When she's bitching, I know she doesn't feel too badly because when she's in real pain she doesn't bitch at all. But the whole thing is disturbing because of the frequency with which bone cancer recurs.

I'm hoping she's just manipulating us. =)

Animals manipulating their humans? Never!

This particular variety of manipulation has only happened since she recovered from her amputation. It's almost a sign she's feeling fine. So it's very confusing. But she's clearly not moving around very well. And like I said, I saw her hurt her leg and she yipped whenever she laid down for the first day after the injury and she's been very careful about going up and down from the couch since the injury. She hadn't been bitching at me, and I was happy when she started again because I felt she was returning to normal. But then the rains started and she got really low-energy and I got worried.

I'm still worried because she's just not moving normally. But she's eating heartily (and she's a fussy eater who will stop eating for no good reason) and she's giving me hell. So I'm hopeful. She's got no anomalies that could be tumors. And she doesn't show symptoms of pain like panting constantly.

Time will tell.

Is she feeling better today?

She seems to be. She spent all afternoon bitching at me, and when I let her out, she usually just came back in. When I went upstairs to shower, she bitched at me all the while I was out of the room, so I really think she's just being manipulated. If she starts that again today, I'll make her sit next to me. I think she just wants human comfort.

Her ribs are showing and that doesn't please me. So we bought lean ground beef last night and added it to her food. She licked the bowl clean! So her appetite isn't lacking.

And this morning, she's moving around better than yesterday (although she nearly spun out trying to navigate around Preston's wide ass on the patio). And she slept all the way through the night too. So I'm very hopeful.

Still... everything you see her do, you think the worst, you know?

Thinking good thoughts. After losing Nishka so suddenly to the pancreatic cancer in the spring, I understand.

Cancer is a total... I can't think of a word bad enough. Sorry about Nishka's passing.

Be healthy, Empress Mei-Mei!

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