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Melody update
Melody has pneumonia, not metastatic cancer that's reached her lungs. Very relieved at the moment, even though she's showing no interest in food. We really though we were going to say goodbye to her this morning, but her bloodwork is all clean except for an infection. Azithromycin to the rescue!

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So glad to hear it wasn't the worst!! Pneumonia is not great, but given a choice between the two, I totally vote for pneumonia.

Please give her gentle pats for me! :)

Will do.

I have to tell you -- it was quite distressing when we found out she wasn't breathing in the left side of her chest. I mean, we went in because she was having leg pain! Then we saw this X-ray with this huge mass obscuring the left lung. Could have been metastatic cancer or fluid. We were sure it was cancer because she had her right foreleg amputated six months ago. But when they ran her blood samples, there was no way it was cancer. It couldn't have metastasized and not shown up in her bloodwork at all. So it had to be an infection. It was really like getting pulled back from the edge of a cliff.

Oh, I can TOTALLY imagine. In your position, I would also have thought the worst. Such relief at finding out it wasn't cancer!!! I'm SO GLAD she's going to be okay and lying around and begging for a time yet!

We'll never be truly out of the woods with her. But it's such a relief to have dodged a bullet again. =)

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