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In all things, balance
Bob has been on the phone with a new customer today. It's her first time making a corset and she's "checking" each step with Bob. Which is fine. It's underwear. You know about Bob and underwear, right?

She just said to him, "What time is after hours for you? I don't want to call you after your quitting time."

Bob told her to call whenever she needs him. If he can't pick up right away, he'll call her back as soon as he can.

It is just really nice to be asked.

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bob and underwear, huh? *smiles*

i can understand it from the customer "eek, i'm overcautious" standpoint and from the "wow, great customer service!" view, too.

GREAT customer service from bob!!! and also thoughtful in that he *does* say "if i can't come to the phone, i'll call you back". i APPRECIATE him for that, and both of y'all deserve hugs. *hugs and hugs*

(cause it can be irritating for a customer call to interrupt family time, too.)

I'm poking fun at Bob. He posted on our RH Facebook last week that his favourite part of the job was when women call up to talk about underwear. A writer was going to be giving a talk on 20s clothing at a convention and she was making up some of our patterns as show and tell and she asked him all about underwear. I have often said I am by (period) underwear obsessed, and 13 years of living with me has taught him a lot. =)

Bob is great at customer service. It's why I gave him the job. =) I'm frankly crap at it. I hate to talk on the phone, and that comes across as being annoyed with everyone. Which, despite the fact that my LJ is called kass-rants, is not the case most of the time. *wink*

And after ten years at think job, we realise that people just don't look at the clock and do the math about the time zone (especially since we're now in a time zone no one has heard of). So we're well used to it. But it's really nice when someone is sensitive to the fact that we don't work 24/7. =)

Just... really good feelings today from customers.

that's funny, about bob! and yes, always a good thing to tease lovingly about, too. :)

and YAY for good feelings from customers! having worked customer service on the retail level, i will agree that those days always rocked. *hugs and hugs*

and now i'm curious, what time zone *is* it? i'm 90% sure it's the one *before* atlantic time zone, but does it have a name?

It is the Atlantic Time Zone, but we don't do daylight savings. So this time of the year we're Atlantic and in summer we're the same as Eastern. I find most Americans have never heard of Atlantic time at all. This time of year, it seems like we spend a lot of time waiting for people to wake up.

Yay for good customers! (Especially on a day when you need them)

That's very considerate of her! What a kind customer.

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