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More Melody

I'm sleeping (or rather lying awake) on the couch downstairs again tonite because Melody isn't getting her feet under herself and I'd rather not come down in the morning to find she'd hurt herself on the marble steps or something. As opposed to last night, she seems calm and comfortable on her couch. She's panting a bit and she's pissed off as usual. But every time she bitches at me, I take her outside, which means getting off the couch and she hates that. So maybe tonite she'll actually sleep and not bitch at me every few minutes all night long.

She's retaining some fluid in her feet so we'll be going to see the vet in the morning. I'm not too concerned, though. This happened after all three of her surgeries too. She's drinking plenty and doing her business regularly so there aren't any kidney issues (and her kidneys tested normal last Friday). And now that she's eating heartily, I'm not too concerned with her leg weakness. When she gets up, she's staggery. But the more she walks, the more she improves. Then she lays down for a while and it all goes back to zero. So if the doc wants to prescribe a diuretic, I'm sure that would help. We're clearly on the road to recovery here.

Oh, but there's no way she's eating rice. We thought we'd slip some into her food as a way to get weight back on her quickly. Even buried the chicken under the rice so she'd have to eat the rice to get to it. No. She digs the chicken out of the rice and eats only the chicken. Then she licks the chicken juice off the rice. No empty carbs for the Mei-mei!

I gotta tell ya -- I'm really looking forward to her being better and me being able to get back to writing. I was planning to finish one of my stories by the end of this year, but there's no way it's happening now.
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