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Well, she's eating like a horse. She went through an entire package of chicken thighs yesterday and ate a beef liver today so far. But she's not drinking. We literally have to force water on her. It's weird. But we're doing it.

She's clearly uncomfortable. She pants until she's exhausted and then she falls asleep. I'm sure she's in some pain although she is on pain meds. It's not severe yet though, thankfully.

And she's still happy enough to tell me off from time to time. Typically, it means she has to go out. I don't know why she feels the need to yell at me for ten minutes before she gets up and goes to the door. But that's her process.

She is staggering like her back legs are drunk or she has some kind of palsy. It's clearly not just muscle weakness like we thought. She seems unable to control her back feet. Instead of walking properly, she doesn't lift them up enough and ends up stepping on her toes or dragging a foot. I have been shepherding her when she goes out so she doesn't vere into the pool because her trajectory goes a bit sideways. Her front leg seems to be fine. And of her back legs, clearly the left (the one we thought she hurt three weeks ago) is worse than the right. But both aren't operating correctly at all and it's probably a tumor pressing on her spine.

But... I'll fight for her and serve her every wish as long as she's happy to push me around. When she tells me she's in too much pain to handle, then we will know.

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I think I'd lean more toward "hurts to pee" as a possible reason for avoiding liquids.

Do you think she realises that not drinking will make her not pee?

You know, it occurs to me that she's been eating so much she's just too full to drink much!

Well it can certainly work that way with cats.

And she is very cat-like, is our Mei-mei. =)

Frankly, I think it's stubbornness more than anything. Sometimes you put the bowl down in front of her and she turns her nose away. But if you turn your back, there will be a couple discrete slurps. =)

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