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More Mei-Mei

We went to the vet this afternoon because Melody was having a lot of trouble walking and looked like she was breathing heavily. They took X-rays. Turns out she'd just over-exerted herself and her lung function was much better than two days ago. The pneumonia had cleared up nicely.

Unfortunately this meant you could see the tumor in her lungs. It's no surprise, really. Dogs don't get pneumonia unless they're immunocompromised. And cancer is a leading cause.

Six months ago when she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and we had her foreleg amputated, we knew the chances the cancer would come back were good. But we knew if we bought her a few more months of life, it would be worth it. She has spent those six months healthier and more active that she'd been for the last two years. It was definitely the right decision.

Now she's got a tumor in her lungs and also there is a mass in her hips that is making her uncoordinated. We have no idea how quickly things will spread. We have meds to help with the pain. But for now, she's eating and drinking and getting up on her own and going outside and even showing some joy when she isn't exhausted.

So it's a waiting game. We really thought today was going to be the end. But she rallied at the vet's office. Who knows how long we have with her. All we know is that she's going to get liver and chicken thighs and love and scritches until she tells us it's time.

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